If you are interested in joining our montly hackathons, please come and join us! No skill level needed, just an eagerness to learn and build...and plenty of caffeine!

What is a Hackathon ?

A hackathon is usually a 10-36-hour event where developers, companies, teachers, and all kinds of people from various backgrounds come and compete in a Software/Hardware competition.

Typically, teams of four are formed and they try to develop an application, website, Arduino project, robotics, or even just to go learn.

The grand prizes usually range from a few thousand dollars, micro controllers, companies investing in ideas, to even interviews at software companies.

Many companies go to hackathons to simply see the local talent and recruit software developers, graphic designers, etc.

Yes, it is called a “Hack”-a-thon, but it does not have to do with Computer Hacking. They call it a hackathon because people go to hack something together.

Much like making a Frankenstein project or coding up something so horrible that you are even surprised that it works.

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What if I am new to Programming? Or What if I am not the best coder ?

You should still definitely go! A lot of employers look for CS students that are motivated and always willing to step out of their comfort zones.

Just give it a shot, CS Students go to hackathons all the time without knowing how to code and come out wanting to learn more and having a better understanding of what software development is.

It is not about winning, but rather what you can learn!

Cool! Where do I sign up ?

We will typically have a 24 hour hackathon on campus every last Friday of the month, sometimes less.

We will usually have a "Enroll" button at the top of this page when sign-ups are open, so check back here often! (PS: We will probably send out an email

in advance! ;)

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